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RaceLab 2


RaceLab2 is the clearest mark of Arrow’s presence in racetrack all over Europe: a technical facility on wheels that has been completely re-engineered this season, replacing the “old” RaceLab after 10 years of service.

Born from an idea of Giorgio Giannelli, the concept at the basis of RaceLab2 design is to have an hospitality truck hosting a private area for meetings and relaxing together with a workshop with a built-in top-level test bench, with no compromises when dealing with space available to work. To achieve this a two-story structure was necessary, while the testing room is mounted on a retracting platform with sliding side, to increase space available at maximum.

RaceLab2 design features are inspired by the design of several prototypes of sport cars, with straith and curvy lines blending together to form an eye-catching profile.
With the trailer on track, these are the dimensions: 1875cm (lenght) - 475cm (width) - 575cm (height). The area needed to fully display the trailer in the paddock (completely opened and with the rear ramp operational) is 20m (lenght) x 4m (width) x 6m (height): these dimensions are really not common in a single-trailer hospitality.

Inner space is divided in 3 main areas. On the rear side, we find the testing room, with the core of the RaceLab2: a Dynojet 250ip series test bench, complete with PC server, technical support and a small workshop. Bikes can be loaded on the test bench by means of the rear hydraulic ramp, able to move up and doen bikes and other materials as needed. Testing room can be fully acoustically isolated from the outside, up to 80% of noise can be damped with advanced technical solutions to keep noise under control. Vibrations can be kept as low as possible also.

To be operated, the testing room slides backwards from the rear end of the trailer. This leaves a big room available to be used as press-room, for example. The central section of the trailer, where the main entrance is placed, is occupied by the stairs linking to the upper floor. The stairs provide also a physical distinction between the hospitality area (the upper floor) and the private area reserved to Arrow personnel, made in the front part of the trailer.

The private area is made by: a meeting room in the front of the trailer that can be used also as a dining room, with multimedia control desk and CCTV videos (to keep everything under control); a kitchen, complete with all the tools needed to prepare something to eat; a bathroom with shower; a two-beds room. An air conditioning system provides temperature control in all weather conditions in all the trailers areas.

On the upper floor the hospitality area has been made. Refreshments can be found in the middle of the area, while 10 TV videos can provide images takes from track cable TV, to follow all the events on the track. Interiors are made with lacquered wood and blue leather sofas. Last-generation led light will provide to right ambience. Side walls are made with aluminium honeycomb panels. Design of the front wall, made with a transparent wall, provide a dominating view over the paddock. Exteriors have been designed directly by Arrow and complete the look of the whole trailer. Everything was made under Giorgio Giannelli’s direct supervision, to get this magnificent result. The trailer with this special desing is being used in different ways: technical support on-site during races and Arrow brand promotion, enlighting the technologies applied by Arrow when making its exhausts.





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